Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sneek peak at the panels

All of the panels have been written, designed and even PRINTED for our next Keller Gallery exhibition "The Sheila Markley Black Collection" opening on FRIDAY MARCH 27!

We are very excited to share this amazing collection with you.  It has been tough to make decisions about what's in and what's out, but I think Kathy and I have done a good job of highlighting the most interesting dresses that showcase Sheila's fashion sense, within our four categories:
  • Evening Gowns
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • The Little Black Dress
  • Designer Suits

Interestingly, I just finished reading 100 Dresses, a gorgeous book published by The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Curator in Charge Harold Koda wrote about the selection process perfectly:

"…editing to only 100 dresses from the thousands of choice examples was fraught with debate and, on occasion, good-natured contention. Truth be told, establishing a standard for inclusion of one beautiful or elegant dress over another presents, whatever its date and provenance, the same subjectivity that operates whenever we judge others by what they are wearing. Despite the curator’s ability to apply objective criteria and recognized methodologies to identify the history significance, rarity, or technical virtuosity of one gown when compared to another, in the end, it must be confessed, the 100 dresses in this book are often simply the special favorites of one or another of The Costume Institute Staff.”

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