Friday, February 6, 2015

Exhibition invite

After struggling with this for DAYS, I finally designed a postcard for the exhibit that I like!

 The design of the postcard is a close up of the bodice of this cocktail dress from the 1980s:

I had originally started the exhibition design with purple in mind, but after figuring out the above, I'm changing it to black and white.  Elegant and sophisticated!

If you've been to the Keller Gallery, you know that our movable walls are all black.  We can't exactly display The Little Black Dresses against a black background!  So I've been shopping online for silvery sparkly curtains to create that section of the exhibition. 

There are many, many choices.  Right now I'm leaning toward silver sequins with sheer over the top.  Glitzy, but not over the top.  I'll let it simmer a bit before I make up my mind.

This week we made our final selections for what will be included in the exhibition and we put the rest back in storage.  There are 1 or 2 too many in each section, but we think the fit on the mannequin might solve that issue for us.  There are a few strapless gowns, and we're not sure how well they will stay up.

Again, thank you to our sponsor for this exhibition:

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