Monday, May 12, 2014

School donates money for animals in Discover World

What a wonderful surprise!

McMullen Elementary, who came on field trip today, brought a very special gift with them. 

The 3rd grade classes collected $505.00 to donate towards animal care for the residents of Ecology Island in Discover World!

After lunch, we gathered all of the kids down in Discover World so one of the teachers could present Science Director Lynette Reiner with the money.

She told the kids that she planned to purchase a new cage for Kernel the Corn Snake, who has outgrown his current habitat.  She got Kernel out so the students could see the exact DW resident they would be helping.


The kids were as excited to give us the donation as we were to receive it!  When it arrives, their school will be honored with a plaque on Kernel's new cage.

THANK YOU so much to everyone at McMullen Elementary who contributed to this school fundraiser!  It is very touching for us to know that there are kids out there who take it upon themselves to help raise money for causes that are important to them.

After the presentation, the kids finished up their field trip with a trip to the Museum Shoppe, and a visit to the McKinley National Memorial (between raindrops!).

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