Wednesday, March 5, 2014

History Fund grant for Ida McKinley dress conservation

Last week I went to Statehood Day at the State House in Columbus to accept a "big check" from the History Fund for $3700 toward the Ida McKinley Dress Project!  (The check is now on display in the McKinley Gallery, near the donation box for this project.)

The History Fund is a competitive grant program made possible through donations from the Ohio income tax check-off program.  You can donate a portion of your state income tax return by checking the box on your form.  The average donation is just $8 per person, so it doesn't cost much to make a big difference in history projects across the state.

Here are some highlights from the ceremony:

And these are the two dresses that have been funded by this grant:

Many thanks to the History Fund grant reviewers and the citizens of Ohio for making this grant possible!  We have now funded 5 dresses out of a total of 20 that have been identified as candidates for this project.

Full steam ahead!

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