Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Work continues on A Secret Gift

I am nearing the end of preparations for what has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding exhibitions of my career.  It doesn't get any better than telling a local story to illustrate a national event, and that is exactly what this exhibit is.

Through the letters written to B. Virdot in December 1933, we are able to witness first hand the suffering of families who were truly struggling in the darkest days of the Depression.  Peppered with local businesses and familiar names, we are able to view the world through the context of Canton, Ohio.  What more could a historian and museum curator hope to do?

Yesterday Rachel DeHoff's granddaughter came in with a kitchen table, a lamp, and her business card.  Although it has been difficult to "illustrate" the 1930s in many ways, we have managed to fill the Keller Gallery to nearly capacity!  (On paper, at least -- we can't do anything physical until the White House exhibits close on October 27!)

As we see the first of the One Book, One Community events begin with a dramitization of the book on October 29 (our very own Director of Education Chris Kenney will be playing Frank Dick!), we're almost ready on our end to install one of the most significant locally-rooted exhibitons in the Museum's history. 

I hope you're planning to come to the opening on November 15.  I'm anxious to share my own vision of A Secret Gift with you!

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