Monday, October 28, 2013

Exhibits come down much faster than they go up!


It's just past noon and the White House exhibits are already down and packed up! 

I've been doing this museum thing for almost 15 years, so you'd think I wouldn't still be shocked when exhibits come down so fast.  But every single time, I'm in awe!  I keep thinking about when we put it up, and how long it took to figure out where each oversized panel would hang.  And how to assemble the free standing part of the exhibit (it came with NO directions). 

But in less than two hours, it's all back in its crates, like it never even happened.

As I enter my 13th year at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, I'm also struck by how small the Keller Gallery looks to me now.  I can remember when I started in October 2001 and how HUGE that space looked!  I wondered how on earth I would ever fill such a big gallery.

And now I'm struggling to squeeze everything in.

It's funny how time and space are constants, and yet, they seem to change on us.

The next few weeks will be busy as we install A Secret Gift.  Join us for the free opening reception on Friday November 15 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.  Or come for our Soup at Six preview event on November 14.  It is $15 per person and includes a soup dinner and a program by Eric Benjamin, who has composed a piece for the Canton Symphony Orchestra based on A Secret Gift.  Pre-paid reservations are required for the Soup at Six event (call 330-455-7043) but no reservations are necessary for the exhibit opening.

I've got some things left to do to get ready to install, so I better get to it!

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