Friday, August 31, 2012

Street of Shops buttons are DONE!

This morning we finished putting on the labels for the new buttons in the Street of Shops!  So this project is officially COMPLETE!

Thank you to everyone who came in and recorded scripts for us!  You will hear the following voices in the Street:

Cabin - Bill Gouge
Print Shop - Gary Brown
Hotel - Shannon English Hexamer
Saloon - Bob Belden
Blacksmith - Ron Ponder
Dannemiller - Don Steele
Fire Station - Chip Conde
Toy Shop - Kim Kenney
Law Office - Bill Schauer
Gas Station - Brad Black
Dentist - Steve Secrest
Doctor - Chris Kenney
Gibbs - Don Deitemyer
Jewelry Shop - Lillian Steele
Pharmacy - Steve Fettman
Schoolhouse - Marilyn Thomas Jones

Next time you're in, please take a moment to listen to some of the new scripts.  And let us know what you think!

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