Monday, July 23, 2012

Test track done!

Chris and I just finished a test track for the new audio buttons in the Street of Shops!  It came out FANTASTIC.

I had a vision in my head for the Gas Station tracks, so that's what we did first.  It begins with background music called "Lazy Gumbo" (see credit below), followed by the "ding! ding!" you used to hear at a service station when you pulled in.  Then Brad Black from Downtown Ford in Canton begins reading the first script about the type of gas station we have in the Street of Shops.

It is exactly what I hoped it would be!

Next we will be matching up more background music that we downloaded from with the scripts we've recorded.  I am also going to be downloading more sound effects to complete the experience you'll hear when you push a button.

We hope to have all the new buttons in place by our September 20 event "Taste of Our Town:  A Progressive Dinner in the Street of Shops."

Free Background Music titled "Lazy Gumbo" provided by Geoff Groberg and

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