Friday, June 29, 2012

Street of Shops scripts

Gas Station in the Street of Shops
This week I sent out letters to invite several people in the community to come in and record the new scripts in the Street of Shops.  We're having a fantastic response!  Recording begins Monday!

Our goal is to have the entire project completed by our September 20 event "Taste of Our Town:  A Progressive Dinner Through the Street of Shops."  It will be the perfect time to debut the new buttons!

After we record the voices, we will add sound effects and music, where appropriate.  For example, I found a great clip of a blacksmith hammering on an anvil and the "ding ding" you used to hear at the gas station when you pulled up.  The dentist, however, will likely not have sound effects.  I found a recording of a dental drill and couldn't stand the sound of it!  I don't think our visitors would enjoy it either.  (Ha ha!)

Here are just a few of the people who have said yes so far:
  • Brad Black from Downtown Ford (Gas Station, including the Ford Model A)
  • Ron Ponder from WHBC (Blacksmith Shop)
  • Chip Conde from Strategy One (Fire Station)
  • Gary Brown from the Repository (Print Shop)
We'll announce all the participants as we get closer to the finished product.

Another view of the Gas Station

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