Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to buttons

Now that Campaigns & Cartoons is up and the busy field trip season is over, I'm returning to a project that has been in the works for a long, long time...

The new audio buttons in the Street of Shops!

I have narrowed down my list of people in the community that I would like to ask to record a stop in the Street for us.  I'm also in the process of researching sound effects to add to the realism of the scene.  There are some really neat websites out there!  Who knew you could actually buy a sound effect of firemen coming down a fire pole?  (We decided that one was a bit too obscure to figure out, so we're not getting that one!)

Steve and his crew have built beautiful wood cases to house the buttons.  I've let the scripts "simmer" enough that I am now happy with all of them.  I read them this morning while Chris timed me, to make sure each one was short enough.  (Most are under 45 seconds!)  Chris has experimented with the software he will use to create the files.  Next we need to purchase a new microphone, so the recordings will be high quality.

Stay tuned as we continue to work on this project!

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