Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peek behind-the-scenes

This is what our Board Room looks like right now!

These are the dresses for this year's Bridal Show, steamed with trains laid out flat, all ready to go!

Each dress is steamed before the show to remove any wrinkles that formed while they were folded up in their boxes. The goal is to make them look as beautiful as they did the day the bride walked down the aisle!

All of the colored papers you see on the hangars indicates the model who is wearing the dress. There are also two tags hanging on each dress -- a yellow tag with a letter, which is assigned as the dresses come in, and a pink tag with a number indicating the order the dresses will appear in the show.

We present the dresses chronologically, with the exception of a family group. For example if Grandma was married in 1941, Mom was married in 1965, and Daughter was married in 1982, all three dresses come out on stage with Grandma's dress. The other two models stand on the stage while we talk about the first dress on the runway, so the audience can connect the three dresses as a family group. After the last dress in the family group, we return to the timeline.

You may see some colored dresses on the racks as well. We feature bridesmaid's dresses, Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses, and wedding dresses that are NOT WHITE!

This year we have a spectacular selection of gowns for the show. If you would be interested in having your dress modeled in our next show, give me a call at 330-455-7043 and I'll put you on the list!

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