Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm steamed!

I spent the past two days steaming all of the dresses for this year's Bridal Show. Yesterday my friend and volunteer Kathy Fleeher helped me all day long. Thank you Kathy!

Everything is now wrinkle-free and ready to go!

It is amazing how different fabrics react to being steamed. Sometimes the wrinkles you think will fall out easily take FOREVER to come out. Some dresses seem like they will be a challenge, and instead you're done in a flash.

I was reminded again this year that no matter how old the veil is, steaming them releases a very particular -- and rather unpleasant! -- odor.

I must be building up some muscles from all the gardening I've been doing because my arm hurt much less this year than it did last year!

This year's show features dresses from 1895 to 2011. We are THRILLED that it is sold out! We've worked really hard to bring you a fantastic show. Can't wait until next Saturday!

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