Thursday, November 11, 2010

The White House Garden

Can you believe The Victorian Age is closing in a few weeks? How fast the time has gone!

I heard from SITES yesterday and The White House Garden is shipping out on November 22 from DC. It has been on view in the White House Visitor's Center. It will arrive here that day or the next, depending on DC traffic!

The exhibit will open the evening of our Holiday Open House on Friday December 3. The event is free for members, and guests are $5 each.

The exhibit is going to be fantastic!

Since we will have some extra space in the Keller Gallery, I am also exhibiting recently donated McKinley artifacts from the past 10 years. Even though the President was assassinated more than a century ago, we still receive McKinley donations from time to time. I thought it would be fun to showcase the ones that have come in since I started back in 2001.

Simultaneously I am working on Celebrate the Sixties, our next Keller Gallery exhibition, because The White House Garden will only be with us for 8 weeks. I have chosen the panel and label design, and I am assembling a list of artifacts from our collection, as well as items individuals are loaning for the exhibition. It will be a fun one!

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