Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Bailey

This week Chris and I lost our other kitty, Bailey, also to cancer.
I found a lump on her neck 2 weeks ago. Although it did not show up on her x-ray, the biopsy came back as a carcinoma. A second x-ray showed it was in her lungs. Countless tiny clusters of cancer cells in both lungs. We were shocked, and devastated.
We canceled weekend plans to visit friends in Pittsburgh and stayed home with her all weekend.
As her breathing got progressively worse, we knew we had to have her put to sleep. Chris called on Monday morning, and we went home to spend her final hours with her. I brushed her for nearly an hour, which seemed to calm her and ease her breathing a bit. The time we got to spend
with her that day was so precious to us.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Klein and the staff at Stark Animal Hospital. Dr. Klein especially. His guidance helped us make this difficult decision, just as he did 8 months ago. We are so thankful to have found him when we moved here from NY 9 years ago.
We had "the ladies," as we called them, one year before we got married. Bailey just turned 11 in July. We lost her sister in December, when they were both 10 1/2.
We are just heartbroken. The house is empty when we come home, and we absolutely hate it.
We know there are two more kitties out there who need a loving home. We just have to find them.
Our cats meant the world to us and more. We will miss them every single day. They were great companions when we were strangers in a strange land, moving three states away from friends and family so I could take this job as Curator. They have made us laugh for most of their kitten lives, and at the end, they made us cry more tears that we ever thought possible.
They wrapped their little tails around our hearts, and made an impression that will last a lifetime...

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