Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On to the next exhibit!

The Harter Mansion was a grand dame in Victorian-era Canton

Now that the Bridal Show is over, I am concentrating on the next Keller Gallery exhibition The Victorian Age, which opens June 18 and will be on view through November 21.

The exhibit will feature a wide range of Victorian-era artifacts, including fancy dresses, furniture, vintage photos of Stark County and other items from the era. Visitors will learn about fan language, mourning customs, flower symbolism and much more!

PLUS we will be exhibiting some of our collection of Ida McKinley dresses, which are rarely on view!

I will begin with a quick database search for things I'm looking for, and then I will move into the collection storage areas to select the artifacts that will be included.

It's going to be a great exhibit!

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