Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today has not been a good day.

My external hard drive crashed this morning.

A few years ago my computer was running very slowly, so we got an external hard drive for me to store my files. I have two hard drives on my computer -- one for the database and one for programs.

I backed up selected files from the external drive onto the computer. What I really should have had was two external drives. Live and learn.

So I have SOME of my files, but not all of them. Including some very important files, such as the ones for the programs for this weekend's activities. And the 2010 Bridal Show list.

I'm sure there will be more as I go to get something and realize it's not there.

I guess I can live without most of it. But this has happened at the worst possible time, when I have so much I need to do to finish getting ready for the exhibit openings!

So today, I am feeling very sorry for myself. I'm glad that I managed to get all of the glass and china out of storage without any mishaps.

But I simply CANNOT believe my hard drive chose this week to crash.

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