Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CNN broadcasting LIVE from the Monument today!

UPDATE: I got to be interviewed on CNN! They talked to me about McKinley's campaign and election. Very cool!


The scene outside RIGHT NOW!!

Late yesterday, Steve received a call from CNN asking for permission to broadcast from our parking lot today!

They showed up about an hour ago. I went out to get some pictures, and one of the crew took me on a tour inside the bus! Very cool. Lots of flat screens, wires, gauges. They can turn the inside of the bus into a studio if the weather prevents them from broadcasting outside.

This group of guys has been following the primaries for over a year. They are constantly on the road. They were sent to Ohio instead of going to Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota, because we are such a key state in the election.

Here are some more photos of the bus. I am not sure if you can see the live TV broadcast online or not at

Exciting day!

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