Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cemetery walks are full

The first 2 cemetery walks I planned for this year are now FULL. As far as I know, there is still room in the September walking tour.

I just got back from the cemetery -- I always go over the day before to make sure I remember where all the graves are that we are visiting. I took my intern Erin over with me and pointed out some of my favorite stones.

There has been quite a bit of vandalism since the last time I was over there, which is really sad.

There were lots of really big markers that had been knocked over and broken, but the one that made me the saddest was the little lamb on Ruth Cogan's stone.

The lamb's name -- "Bootchie" -- is carved into the back of her stone, and was Ruth's beloved pet. Her front arms and paws have been smashed to smithereens. :-(

Here is what she used to look like:

Cemetery vandalism is just a senseless crime. I can't even get my mind around why someone would even want to vandalize a cemetery. It is just so tragic and sad.

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