Thursday, September 17, 2015

A "new" McKinley artifact

We are thrilled to announce that a "new" McKinley artifact is now on display!

A few weeks ago, David Lyons donated a chair that had belonged to President McKinley.  It had been in his family for many decades, but he had no written documentation.

Last year his family had seen this photograph at the McKinley Grand.  They were convinced it was the same chair that they had at home:

The photo was from our collection.  Our archivist, Mark Holland, located the photo, and we examined it with a magnifying glass next to the chair, looking for small, unique details that would tell the chair's story.

We compared the placement of the screws on the rocker, a few scratches, and other minute details that proved to us that this WAS McKinley's chair!

It is now on display on the "front porch" along the exterior wall of the McKinley Gallery.  Come see it!  The photo is also displayed next to it:

Mr. Lyons donated the chair in memory of his mother Helen Janson Lyons.

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