Monday, May 11, 2015

Field trip season!

Our grounds look look like this pretty much every day in May!

This time of year is an "all hands on deck" kind of affair.  While I don't personally give tours, I help organize and greet the groups, particularly if Chris has to give a tour.  Someone has to help "direct traffic," as I call it, especially if the teacher or school has never been here before.

It's exciting to see their expectant little faces as they come into the building.  They ALL want to know what the pendulum is.  Two kids are always carrying a box full of lunches that appear to weigh more than they do.  The teachers check in and get their schedules.  And then....they're off!

It's amazing to me how quiet things get as soon as the groups are where they need to go.  The lobby can be chaotic as they get themselves organized, but even with 200+ kids in the building, it sounds like no one is here once they start their tours!

If you're planning to visit us during this busy time, the following article might help you navigate your way around the kids:

Museum Field Trip Tips for Visitors

Thank you to all of our volunteer docents in History and Discover World, who guide these kiddos through our spaces.  We very much appreciate all of your help.  We litereally COULD NOT do this without you.

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