Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brader exhibit is ready and open two days early!

I can hardly believe we turned the gallery around this fast!  I had lots of help yesterday and we hung these gigantic drawings faster than I thought we would.  So we opened the doors around 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

The "official" opening is still tomorrow night at our Holiday Open House, but museum visitors can see "The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader" all day today and tomorrow!

I am working on a Scavenger Hunt to encourage people to look closely at each drawing.  The charm of these amazing works of art is in the detail!

Here is a sneak peek of the exhibit:

During the winter months, Brader checked himself into the Stark County Infirmary.  We have the registration book in the Ramsayer Research Library.  It is open to one of the four entries for "F.A. Brader."  The other three entries are reproduced next to the book.

The Stark County Infirmary

Brader drew a design on fabric for a family who did not have a farm he could draw.  The fabric was later quilted into a beautiful design.

There is only one colored pencil drawing in our part of the exhibition.  This one belongs to the Museum.

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