Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A message from PastPerfect software

As a PastPerfect client, I just received the following email from President Richard Hilton.  I wanted to post it here to help disseminate information and stop rumors.

The curatorial department and the library both use this software, and we cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to use.  It is easy to train new volunteers and interns, and the tech support is phenomenal. 

We have no complaints and will continue to use this software to keep track of Stark County's historical treasures!

* * * * * * * 

Open Letter to PastPerfect Customers:

It has come to our attention that our competitors have been disseminating misleading information about PastPerfect Software. It is unfortunate that a company would employ a desperate tactic of fear to try and make sales at the expense of our PastPerfect users.

It is true that Microsoft will stop providing technical support for Visual FoxPro on January 13, 2015.  However this will have no effect on PastPerfect. Microsoft has never provided support to users of PastPerfect or any other products developed with FoxPro. Their support has only been available to software engineers at companies like PastPerfect who create applications. Our programmers fully understand the FoxPro language and have not required any help from Microsoft for over 10 years. And since all the new products we are now developing are not based on FoxPro, we will have no need of their help in the future.

To be clear, PastPerfect version 4 and version 5 will continue to work fine on January 14th and for many years to come.  PastPerfect works on all current versions of Windows including the latest version 8.1 and we have been assured that it will work on Windows 10 whenever that is released.

We also realize that FoxPro is not the future of software development. Therefore in 2012 we began working on new products using state of the art web-based development tools including, HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL server databases. Our goal is to provide a seamless, inexpensive migration path for current PastPerfect users who want to move with us into the future. Next month we will release the first in this line of products, a brand new PastPerfect Online. This web hosted application will replace and enhance the original PastPerfect Online product that was created in FoxPro. Next year we will complete development of the core PastPerfect collection management software.

Our mission at PastPerfect has always been to provide that best possible software at an affordable price with exceptional customer service. As our new software products become available we will provide current users an easy and affordable way to migrate without losing valuable data and images or having to retrain staff. We will continue to support PastPerfect version 4 and 5. No one will be left without support or forced to upgrade.

With kind regards,

Richard L. Hilton
PastPerfect Software, Inc.

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