Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another tiara donation

So it seems the post office is still delivering exciting things in the mail!

We received this letter and a check for $322 today from Woodridge Primary School's 2nd graders.  They come on a field trip every year, even though they almost always have to reschedule their trip due to a Snow Day.  (I'm not kidding.  Almost every single year!)

This is a great example of how this campaign reached out to so many people.  We had an outpouring of support from students (a first grader asked me on his way in the door for a field trip if we "had Mrs. McKinley's crown yet!"), other local historical societies, social clubs and organizations, and many, many individuals.  Members of the Ohio Pawnbrokers Association sent a total of $1800.  The money came from all over the place!

We are planning to use the donation Woodridge sent us to purchase a secure case for the tiara.  We believe it will be on display in early July.  Details coming soon!

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