Thursday, August 22, 2013

Compact shelving installation!!

I am super excited right now!!  We are having our high-density compact shelving installed this week in the Conservation Gallery! 

These rolling shelf units maximize storage space by creating an aisle that "moves" rather than leaving a space for an aisle between every single static shelf.  This means you can store more in a smaller space, without overcrowding.

We will be using the bulk of this new storage system to store our textile collection -- both hanging and boxed.  Because the shelves seal shut when you move them, we will no longer need to house the hanging collection in muslin bags.  This will drastically improve access to that collection because we will be able to easily see all of the garments, rather than search for something inside a bag.

The new system will also have room for us to grow.  Currently the hanging textiles are housed on a long bar (really a series of bars that run one into another) in chronological order.  However, there is no space in between decades.  With this new system, we will be able to leave space at the end of each decade for future growth.

The perimeter wall will be reconfigured with deeper shelving units that will accommodate the large items that were previously stored in the space where the new shelving is being constructed. 

This process has been a ton of work for our Maintenance Department, with a lot more work to come!  Thank you to Steve Secrest and Freddie Payne for all of their help.

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