Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aspectations opens tomorrow!

We are almost done with the installation of "Aspectations" by Su Nimon which opens in the Keller Gallery tomorrow night with a FREE reception from 6:00 to 7:30!   Here are two brand new original paintings that have not been on exhibit before:

Healing Ocean Motion
Window to Peace
"Aspectations" also includes 16 limited edition prints of artistic Canton scenes such as the Ohio Theater, the Onesto Hotel, the Palace, and the McKinley Monument.

We're so excited to support a local artist who has been a friend of the Museum for many years.  Su's gallery Journey Art Gallery & Studios is currently at 2nd April in downtown Canton.  She will soon be moving into her own independent gallery space.

The following is her artist's statement from the show. We hope you'll come see the exhibit!  It will be on view through May 19.

‘Versatile’ is a word one sometimes uses to describe someone of varied interests, or someone who can’t quote focus on just one pursuit. It’s also unequivocally the word one uses to describe a true renaissance soul like Su Nimon -  an artist who is delightfully dexterous in art and in life.

Artist, musician, teacher and gallery owner... all hats she wears with joy and ease. Su’s artwork captures the collision between archetypical image and clear, fresh emotion. Whether working in digital mediums or painting, Su’s work evokes deep feeling, her images beautiful to see yet always sending a clear, simple message. Her work doesn’t require deep study or discussion... it is captivating, joyful and appreciated by collectors across the country and around the world.

Her work is represented by Journey Art Gallery and is always shown online.

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