Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where's the Dentist?

Have you visited the Street of Shops recently and noticed something's missing?

The Dentist and his patient have gone on a little trip to LifeFormations in Bowling Green, Ohio!  In 2013 you will see a brand new Dentsit and patient in the Street of Shops!

LifeFormations built our animatronic McKinleys, as well as the Doctor and his patient in the Street of Shops.  Their work is amazingly lifelike!  They have done excellent work for us in the past, and we are excited about some of the projects we have coming up.

We have plans to add even more figures to the Street to "bring it to life" for our visitors in the future.  Our next project is to add an African American figure to the Blacksmith Shop.  One of the new audio tour buttons is dedicated to this aspect of African American history:

In the South, large plantations were often isolated and had to be self-sufficient when it came time to re-shoe a horse or repair agricultural equipment.  A few slaves were given a rare opportunity to learn an important skill.  After the Civil War, African Americans migrating north found work in many communities as a blacksmith.

Special thanks to the Museum's Auxiliary and our Capital & Replacement donors for making the Dentist and patient refurbishment project possible!  In the coming months we will be raising money for the Blacksmith.  If you would like to contribute, please let me know.  Every dollar helps!

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