Friday, March 9, 2012

History Day is tomorrow

Everything is ready to go for History Day tomorrow!

Chris is running around putting up signs that will direct students and parents where to go to set up their exhibitions or meet the judging team for documentaries, papers, websites or performances.

Chris and I have been involved in History Day for 14 years now. (14 years? WOW! Already?) We've both been judges at the regional and state level in New York, and I've been a judge for the regional level in Ohio since Chris became the coordinator in 2002.

It's a very rewarding experience, but I'm always completely drained at the end! I spend a lot of time writing my reports to the students, helping them to improve their projects whether they are moving on to the state competition or not. It takes a lot of energy to provide detailed feedback, but I wouldn't continue to volunteer as a judge if I didn't believe in what these kids are doing. Every year they amaze me by their creativity and knowledge of history.

I know there are a lot of nervous kids out there in Region 5 who might not sleep well tonight. Good luck to all of you!

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