Friday, January 8, 2010

What a productive week!

I am feeling much better at the end of this week than I was feeling at the beginning! Here are a few of the things that I got done:
  • Hung and tagged all wedding dresses for Bridal Show that have been brought in to date
  • Called all wedding dress owners to set up an appointment to bring dresses in
  • Selected and measured 24 quilts and coverlets for the next exhibit
  • Talked with the Army's Public Affairs Officer about the wreath laying ceremony
  • Finalized details for McKinley Day luncheon and sent invitations
  • Sent quilt exhibit postcard for priting
  • Tweaked bridal fashion program for Tea with the Curator on Monday
  • Purchased muslin to make sleeves to hang quilts and coverlets
  • Spoke to the Catholic Men's Luncheon Club on "Little Chicago"
  • Got my new intern started on the right foot by having her jump right in and work!

And now I am so very glad it is Friday night and I can rest a little!

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